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Somos una empresa que facilita la compra, venta, administración, remodelación o inversión de propiedades entre Estados Unidos, México y Colombia. Nuestra empresa es responsable de proporcionar un servicio completo, eficiente y confiable para facilitar el proceso entre países.

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Our Benefits

Certified Agents

We have agents who are certified in the National Association of Realtor, allowing you to have a guarantee that our services are reliable and efficient.

Available Information

Our company is always available at our customers' requests and concerns. We know that you want to start your search very quickly and we want to be by your side throughout the whole process. We want to make this process easy, safe and according to your expectations.

Advising Investment

According to your needs and budget, we take care of finding the property or service that best suits your purpose.

Preparation of Procedures

We take care of making all the preparation, documentation and legalization necessary for your purchase, investment or sale to be successful and secure.

Personalized Service

We make direct contact with each of our customers. We work every day to generate a fluid, understandable and unique communication.

Attention to customers in English and Spanish

In Homepportunity language is not a problem. According to your request we take care of contacting an advisor in the language of your choice.


Somos una empresa que brinda un servicio completo para la compra, venta, administración y remodelación de propiedades e inversión en bienes raíces en Colombia, México y Estados Unidos. 

Nuestra empresa es responsable de proporcionar un servicio completo, efectivo y confiable para facilitar este proceso entre estos países.

Nos destacamos por proporcionar la información necesaria, por hacer todo el proceso y por brindar todas las posibilidades a nuestros clientes para superar sus expectativas. 

Tenemos agentes inmobiliarios en California y Colombia. 

Nuestro personal habla ingles y español

El comportamiento de los interesados ​​en las propiedades también presenta variaciones interesantes. Todos los días, los colombianos buscan más propiedades en venta y alquiler a través de las aplicaciones en su teléfono celular, es por eso que somos una de las mejores herramientas virtuales para ayudarlo con su inversión. El comportamiento de búsqueda de los interesados ​​en propiedades muestra que la dinámica de compra, venta y arrendamiento de bienes raíces en Colombia se mantiene constante.

Investing in Colombia is a very good option considering that it is one of the main tourist destinations in Latin America with a high growth of this sector, consolidating the country as a world-class destination.  It is the only country in South America with access to two seas: The Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Colombia is also the fourth largest country in South America, for its geographical location and climatic characteristics, for its richness and biodiversity; it has all the conditions to develop different projects and these characteristics are one of the many attractions that have placed Colombia as one of the top investment destinations in the world.

In Colombia we have agents and properties available for Bogota and Medellin. 

In the United States, we have property throughout the State of California.

The process of buying real estate in the United States requires the presence of a REALTOR. It is the person who has a license to sell real estate in the United States and who belongs to the National Association of Realtors, which makes your purchase or sale safe. Homepportunity has certified agents.

There are many positive factors for investing in real estate in the United States such as economic and currency stability, climate, location, profitability and tourism, making real estate rent faster. On the other hand, about 50% of foreign buyers during 2019 acquired their property in the United States through mortgage loans, proving that getting a credit is not as complicated as you think.

In the United States we have our offices at 5822 Adenmoor Ave, Lakewood CA, 90713. 

In Colombia we are located in the Centro Chicó Building, Calle 92 15 62.


Our opening hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

United States – California 

Our opening hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

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